EcoFass keg: A solution for liquid storage

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A keg for beer and more...

By choosing entirely plastic construction, CG Industry sets itself apart and opens up the use of its kegs to a wide range of beverages. Beer, wine, cider, olive oil: EcoFass kegs with food-grade bags allow optimal storage for all liquids.

Avoid waste


Unlike metal kegs, the EcoFass interior plastic bag allows for complete emptying of contents to the last drop with no spills or splashing.

Storage periods

Storage periods in EcoFass bags:

  • Aluminium bag = ± 1 year
  • Plastic bag = ± 3 months

The EcoFass solution

A cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to metal kegs.

Kegs for

EcoFass kegs can be used for beer, wine and many other beverages.

Tap into the best

Convenient, eco-friendly, cost-effective... our kegs are filled with great features!

Keg sizes

We offer kegs with various capacities to suit your needs.

EcoFass trial kit

Want to test out the next generation of kegs for beer or wine?

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