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EcoFass: kegs for beer and wine
EcoFass: kegs for beer and wine
EcoFass: kegs for beer and wine
EcoFass: kegs for beer and wine

Company History

  • Development of EcoFass concept: reusable 30L plastic keg with disposable bag
  • Filing of patent for the keg and first trials with brewers
  • Filing of patent for the food-grade bag
  • Commercialisation of the initial kegs
  • 1st appearance at trade fairs: Brau (Nuremberg) – Vinitech (Bordeaux)
  • More trade fairs: Sapore (Rimini) – Salon du Brasseur (St Nicolas de Port) – Horeca (Gent)
  • 1st export sales (UK, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain…)
  • new keg design and sizes
  • development of aluminium bag
  • development of disposable keg head
  • commercialisation of next-generation kegs: 10L, 20L, 25L and 30L
  • commercialisation of disposable keg heads
  • commercialisation of aluminium bags
  • CG Industry offers turnkey solutions for your entire process from manual or automatic filling to CO2-free tapping


CG Industry has developed close relationships with companies specialized in the thermoplastic and food packaging sectors to ensure quality control in line with specifications.

CG Industry is committed to ensuring product innovation and optimization by listening to the comments and expectations of its clients.

The EcoFass solution

A cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to metal kegs.

Kegs for

EcoFass kegs can be used for beer, wine and many other beverages.

Tap into the best

Convenient, eco-friendly, cost-effective... our kegs are filled with great features!

Keg sizes

We offer kegs with various capacities to suit your needs.

EcoFass trial kit

Want to test out the next generation of kegs for beer or wine?

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